Wolfram System Modeler v13.0 64Bit

Wolfram System Modeler v13.0 64Bit
Wolfram System Modeler v13 64Bit
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Control Indoor Air Quality for Room Comfort

It is often noted that CO2 causes global warming, but keeping track of CO2 concentrations is also an important aspect of preserving indoor air quality. Concentrations of more than 1000 ppm can lead to drowsiness, and long-term exposures can lead to adverse health effects. This example shows how you can control the concentration of CO2 in a room and subsequently check if climate change puts more pressure on the ventilation system.

Hovering Control of a Submarine

Hovering control aids in the maneuverability of underwater vehicles. This example shows how to create a controller that rejects disturbances and improves the stability of a submarine.

COVID-19: Study Impact of Policies

During a pandemic, governments implement various policies that typically would decrease the exponential growth rate. This example shows what happens without any policy implementation and how timing is very important. The ambition is not to give any precise numbers, but to make it easier to understand how simple yet at the same time complicated it is to control a pandemic.

Glycolysis: Study Oscillations in Yeast Cells

Glycolytic oscillations in yeast cells of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a well-studied phenomenon. This example simulates the oscillations near a so-called Hopf bifurcation. Changing a parameter slightly around the bifurcation point qualitatively changes the behavior of the system.

Meal Simulation: Analyze Processes in the Glucose-Insulin System

Study processes in the glucose-insulin system after a meal intake. This model simulates the process that maintains healthy blood glucose levels in the human body. A version of the model is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a replacement for studies on animals for certain insulin treatments for type 1 diabetes.


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