• Third order already and very pleased so far. To be honest, I really did not expect anything good when placing my first order a few months back. But you guys went above an beyond what can be expected when I needed help in getting some of these software installed correct. I know I am not very skilled with a computer and took up a lot of your time, but really appreciate you helping out a retired guy like me!

    J. Markuson (27-Mar-2019)
  • Thank you for your amazing customer service. I am not sure the last time I had an issue with a product that I received customer support in such a accurate and timely fashion.

    P. Ashcroft (12-Mar-2019)
  • Tested the waters first with a small order to see if this wasn't a hoax or anything. I was really glad I received an email after the payment with the download link because I needed to buy a list of eight more programs. Since that second order I have referred many friends to your website.

    S. Siuniak (06-Sep-2016)
  • I have placed at least a dozen orders with your company and some times I do need support installing some of the software. One thing I have noticed is that you always help and never ever get impatient with my questions. I can think of a few well known companies who should take your support as an example on how to treat their customers. When it comes to buying software I don't even bother looking around but instead just click the cdrbsoftwares favorite in my web browser!

    M.L. Chedsey (28-Jul-2016)
  • Just a quick note to say thank you. This saved me bundle on getting this software so cheap. I can not afford the normal prices on my income, thanks again!

    j. Watanabe (25-May-2016)
  • I just can not afford retail price of most of the software I need to learn the skills needed for a new job. This website for me is a real blessing and I can not thank the team enough helping me in selecting the right products and getting me up and running. I will be back again to buy more software, thank you so very much. God bless you.

    Hakim S. (25-Apr-2016)
  • After receiving such good service and support to get me up an running with the new software I bought I have now mentioned you to a lot of my friends also. When a business puts so much effort in customer value then the least I can do is recommend you to people who can use and benefit from your service also.

    A. Hernan (04-Feb-2016)
  • I'll admit that I was scared to order from you guys. Have checked your website half a dozen times and finally placed an order :-) I just wish I ordered sooner! With this latest order being my 4th already and the largest there were some bumps in the road. However the cdrbsoftwares team was always ready and responded to each and every support email. You really deserve my support in recommending you.

    F. Hannoch (29-Jan-2016)
  • Some of the instructions was difficult to follow, sorry I am not native english speaker. But all programs are installed with help of my friend. I will buy more soon again, need more programs for practice and getting certification. Study cost a lot of money already, I really want to thank you for providing software so cheap or I could not afford this. All the best to you!

    Ramaraj N. (27-Jan-2015)
  • Received my package with 14 DVD's full of software today from my order placed during your Christmas Sale! Already installed a few of the most important ones I need, all working flawlessly as usual. Could not pass up on the Chrismas Sale discount. You guys saved me a ton of money, thanks!

    Adrian C. (19-Jan-2015)
  • Thanks for you speedy reply, I am pleased to say that both programs are now installed and working. Thanks for all your help, I just wish that all companies were as helpful as yours when a problem occurs. Thanks again

    Terrence H. (08-Jan-2015)
  • This is now my 9th year of buying software from you and am still recommending you to people I know! That should say enough how pleased I am with my purchases, and the fact that when a problem arises you always solve it or make it right. Keep up the good work!

    Mark R. (21-Nov-2014)
  • This looked like a "looks to be good to be true" website after placing an order because I did not receive any order confirmation email. These guys then contacted me by phone explaining that they were receiving non-delivery email errors because I made a spelling error when entering my email address. They really take care of their customers and go the extra mile in case you need an exchange or will resend your order if it get's lost in the mail.

    Jerome S. (19-Aug-2014)
  • I have used two competitors of cdrbsoftwares in the past but the barely understandable english and lack of support is just a waste of time! Not with these guys, they respond fast accurate and in very good english, so I don't have to repeat myself explaining an issue again....and again. I run a business so time is money, and they saved me a lot of money!

    Thaddeus P. (13-Aug-2014)
  • I can't afford to buy some of these software at retail prices. Yet I needed it desperately to learn new skills to land a job. I am so glad I found this online store! Working hard now to get certified with two programs.

    Graham K. (30-Jul-2014)
  • I really like cdrbsoftwares, I can order all software I need at very cheap prices. The downloads are very fast and installation instructions are well explained!

    Hirokazu O. (19-Jul-2014)
  • It's actually a long time ago when I placed my first order with them. Since then I have recommended cdrbsoftwares to many friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work guys because you saved me a lot of money and I can update my software frequently.

    Kathleen C. (23-Jun-2014)
  • As a person who does not value testimonials that much I had to write one this time! Because these people have impressed me time and again and have been very patient with me while I kept fumbling around trying to get the software running. Needless to say this was my own fault but they provided first class support not only installing the software but setting everything up the way I was used to with the previous versions at no extra cost!

    Richard M. (13-Jun-2014)
  • I have recommended you to all my friends! I was that impressed with my first order. Everything worked as advertised and you helped me with one program that was a bit difficult to install. I will certainly come back to order more software because now I can afford to do so :-)

    Melinda D. (02-Jun-2014)
  • Cheap prices, fast delivery and a great helpdesk when you need them, what's not to like?! Therefore I make sure I tell all my friends about them.

    Abigail S. (20-May-2014)
  • Just wanted to leave a thank you note as you have saved me a ton of money on software I could not afford to buy otherwise.

    Jerswin P. (30-Apr-2014)
  • I was told about you through a friend of mine who already placed several orders. All I can say is that I should not have doubted your webshop because I have received very good service from you with all my orders also. Any questions get answered quickly and issues with installing software get solved promptly as I am not a very technical person. Cdrbsoftwares is A+++ and I will also recommend them.

    Frederic P. (28-Apr-2014)

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